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Brain Nervous System concept. Science is something that children should study and learn. T

Inspiration behind "Rhythmic Spark"

The neural connecting spark occurs when neurons that fire together wire together. Rhythm can drive this neural integration.

I facilitate this neuroplasticity through the synchrony of music and rhythm, combined with intentional sensory experiences and warmly attuned relationships. 


This forms brain networks and body integration.  Together, these propel development and learning.

Rhythmic Spark Music Therapy provides services for those who are neurodivergent and neuro-distinct.  The practice draws on evidence-based research of the following: the neuroscience of music and rhythm, music therapy research, relationships, sensory integration/processing, positive psychology, and human development. 


Derlin Hsu, MM, MT-BC

Master of Music - Music Therapy

Music Therapist - Board Certified

Hi! My name is Derlin Hsu (pronounced "Duh-ling Shoo"), owner/music therapist of Rhythmic Spark Music Therapy. At the University of California, San Diego, CA (UCSD), I double majored in music and psychology. I have worked alongside neurodivergent and neuro-distinct individuals since 2005 while supporting research of autism. Later, at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, I earned my Masters in Music/Music Therapy degree. There, my training focused on the neuroscience of music as the foundation and pillar for evidence-based practice in music therapy. I earned my national board certification in music therapy in 2012.  It fulfills me to help people and use music as one of many tools. I have provided music therapy for various agencies and in my private practice, gaining expertise in providing services for neuro-distinct individuals, including children and adults with autism or identifying as autistic, those with or identifying as ADHD, and adults with acquired neurological differences like brain injury, dementia, and Alzheimer's Disease. I have enjoyed providing therapy for children with cardiac medical needs in the hospital, premature infants in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), and individuals in hospice care.  To deepen the focus of my music therapy services, I completed my DIR®/Floortime Training (Certificate Level 1) to facilitate my passion for providing high-quality, attuned, affective, relationship-based, developmental, and individual-led interventions for neurodivergent individuals and their families. (See for more info on DIR). I enjoy making my kids giggle, spending time with my family, learning about individual and organizational flourishing in pursuit of my masters degree in industrial and organizational psychology, volunteering for social justice causes, and reading when I get a spare moment! I know this journey to help you or your loved one may sometimes feel overwhelming. I am here to support you and am happy to answer any questions and/or connect you with my broader network of helping professionals.

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Therapeutic Philosophy

I aim to provide high-quality therapy in an equitable and socially just way, working in partnership with those I serve. My therapeutic philosophy is person and relationship centered, strengths-based, and neuro-affirming. It presumes competence in the person I work with. It is guided by cultural humility and openness to learning from the individual and their family. I am guided by their strengths, preferences, knowledge, and wisdom. I believe that individuals are complete and whole as they are and that warm, attuned, and synchronous relationships provide the fertile ground upon which all develop and thrive. Music therapy can facilitate those opportunities for relational connection and optimize experiences for individual development.

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