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A little toddler boy kneeling on the floor playing desk bells with an adult's hands helping him.


  • In-person sessions begin with an assessment conducted in the first few sessions. Frequency recommendations are made after assessment.

  • Individual sessions are 50 minutes of direct service each, usually scheduled weekly.

  • The session sequence is for 3-month intervals, at which point the individual/family can assess whether to continue services.


  • If deemed therapeutically appropriate it's possible to provide virtual sessions. This may be with the client alone or with the caregiver and client together. 

  • This may be done in a hybrid combination with in-person sessions.

  • Virtual therapy may be scheduled at regular intervals for 25 or 50 minutes of direct service.


  • We work together with the family as a treatment team. This usually supports the specific need for dialogue about the client and is done by caregivers only and not in the client's presence. This is to honor and respect the client's dignity. 

  • Depending on need, session lengths can be 25 or 50 minutes. Consultations can be scheduled as needed or at regular intervals.

Location of Services

Rhythmic Spark Music Therapy provides local in-person/in-home services to the North East Bay area in California. If you live farther beyond we can discuss the possibility of travel (with fees) and virtual or hybrid options, or I can refer you to music therapists in your area.  

I believe that love is the basis upon which we grow, where music and rhythm can amplify that synchrony of bond between two people and between caregiver and child.  This is also the key to neuromotor integration, blossoming and maturation of the individual and the family.​


~ Derlin Hsu, MM, MT-BC (Owner/Music Therapist)

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